COSUBAN works on all mold, mildew and fungus types.

Coffee,Sugarcane,Bananas and more...

​​​​COSUBAN contains No Copper.


​​ ​​TM 

COSUBAN is Non-Corrosive.

A New Generation of Safe Effective Fungicide.

​ We are planting the rare Caribbean Pine Tree from our nursery funded by sales in the Dominican Republic into the forest of Seguin Haiti with  Fondation Seguin  and

A+B Two Part  System 

La Informacion  News Paper Article  Rep. Dom.  Aug. 2015 

Social Responsibility 

COSUBAN is Non-Toxic.

​​COSUBAN  works on all plants and trees.

Chiquita Banana  Primary Co-Op Grower / Supplier in the Dominican Republic has completed a 6 month study using COSUBAN to eliminate  Erwinia and Black Sigatoka up to Stage 3 with 100% Success !

COSUBAN is 100% Biodegradable.

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