A+B Two Part  System 

​​COSUBAN  works on all plants and trees.

COSUBAN is Non-Toxic.

Social Responsibility 

COSUBAN is Non-Corrosive.

​​​​COSUBAN contains No Copper.

A New Generation of Safe Effective Fungicide.

Coffee,Sugarcane,Bananas and more...


​​ ​​TM 

​ We are planting the rare Caribbean Pine Tree from our nursery funded by sales in the Dominican Republic into the forest of Seguin Haiti with  Fondation Seguin  and   www.Trees4Haiti.org

La Informacion  News Paper Article  Rep. Dom.  Aug. 2015 

COSUBAN works on all mold, mildew and fungus types.

COSUBAN is 100% Biodegradable.

Chiquita Banana  Primary Co-Op Grower / Supplier in the Dominican Republic has completed a 6 month study using COSUBAN to eliminate  Erwinia and Black Sigatoka up to Stage 3 with 100% Success !

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