Click below to see COSUBAN La Roya application in Constatnza , Dominican Republic

Coffee Rust also known as La Roya  is a devastating plant fungus that has destroyed coffee plants and farmers lives for decades. Unfortunately the money raised to "fight coffee rust" goes to fund careers of researchers to build a new plant that will resist the fungus and to non profits that lend money to farmers to buy toxic copper fungicides that don't work while they wait for a new plant to be genetically modified.  What we do not need more of are non profits raising money to have more talks to raise more money to have more talks about about raising more money for La Roya !!! We need action now !!!  We have developed the best most effective non toxic fungicide over the past 5 years we call COSUBAN which is a new generation of fungicides that deal with the problem today not years from now with a maybe promise after 1000 more studies and talks. Time to stop talking and take action now!!!  Say No to GMO!!

           100% Guarantee to work on La Roya or your money back!